Autorius Tema: Safe Website Incorrectly Blocked  (Skaityta 1165 kartus)


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Safe Website Incorrectly Blocked
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I submitted a request to the Symantec Security Response Anti-fraud team to fix the incorrect blocking of the Brookdale Community College website (http:// www. brookdalecc .edu/).  Their response was: "Our analysts have been unable to reproduce the suspicious phish site verdict on the provided URL."  However, the problem persists, with three different browsers.
Firefox gives an error page saying: "Dangerous Website Blocked".
Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer all give a note with a red x in the Norton Toolbar saying: “this page is unsafe".
How can this be fixed?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Ats: Safe Website Incorrectly Blocked
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