Autorius Tema: 500 Internal Server Error due to caching?  (Skaityta 170 kartus)


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500 Internal Server Error due to caching?
« Įrašytas: Birželio 14, 2018, 15:05:41 pm »


I recently started using Smarty. Caching included. For some dynamic content in pages I'm using a "nocache" block function that simply returns the content as is, but is registered as non-cachable. While everything seemed to work okay on my local server, on a public webhost I was getting server 500 errors (and somehow intermittently). I ultimately tracked it down to Smarty failing to find includes for dynamic content in cached pages (a bug?). I'm still trying to analyze it, but I think it was about a lack of synchronization between compiled and cached data. I've found some references here that say using {capture} inside {nocache} is trouble; but offline everything seemed to work. Am I better off not using caching, or is it just a subtle issue I haven't figured out?

Any help will be apprecited.

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